Climbing The Writing Stepladder

Its not really that hard today to find a writing job that can be done in your spare time. Opportunities for writing jobs are numerous on the internet, although many of them dont pay that well. However, if you are interested in writing professionally and supporting yourself with your writing talent, that is another story. There are definitely tiers of experience that must be climbed before you can reach to that level.

Define Your Specialty

Most professional writers know the areas of writing where they work the best. They may be fiction or non-fiction writers. They may enjoy writing biographies, how-to articles, journalism, technical pieces, or they may excel in business-related writing, such as resume writing or white papers. Each of these specialties appeal to different markets.

Deciding what you do best may be difficult for a beginner. A good way to define the type of writing you can excel in is to sign up for some introductory content writing jobs on the internet. These are low paying jobs that are open to beginners. In some cases, all that is needed to apply is a sample of your writing.

Searching Google for “content writing jobs for beginners” will provide you with a list of current offerings that you can try. These are not recommended for putting food on the table, but they will help you to understand the type of writing you are good at, and in some cases, you will gain valuable experience that you can use in your journey.

Target Your Market

Once you have discovered your specialty, or niche, the next thing to do is to locate your target market. This is the area in which you will offer your talent. Job bidding websites, such as Problogger, People Per Hour and others, are helpful in finding clients who need your writing skill. There are several of them on the internet which can be searched. Writers forums are helpful for finding new job bidding websites and opportunities.

Clients who advertise on job bidding websites have individual requirements for applying. Many will request that you provide them with a portfolio. A portfolio is a sampling of your work that also gives the prospective client a brief introduction into your background. There are websites on the internet where a free portfolio can be set up, with a personalized link that you can give to clients for their perusal.

They may also ask you for a link to your personal website. As a writer, it is helpful to start your own professional website to introduce yourself to possible clients. This can include samples of your writing, your background and experience, testimonials from satisfied previous clients, and contact information. A personal website is a sign to prospective clients that you are serious about your writing trade, and have the required ability in your area of specialty.

Magazine Writing

If magazine writing is something you would like to try, there are several online magazines on the net that accept freelance writing. Their content requirements are usually much stricter, and they will often request that you send them a query letter. This is a brief letter to give them a synopsis of the article you would like to write for their magazine.

Local Clients

Many established writers say that the highest paying clients are local, found off the net in your own neighborhood. You may be able to identify a school, newspaper, or other public institution that needs your writing. If not, you can pitch your writing talent to local businesses of many different kinds. This face-to-face approach requires some confidence and a backup of experience to do well.

One important thing to remember is that the life of the writer is an ebb and flow experience, since job offerings can go up and down. Your confidence as a writer will grow as you ascend the stepladder to better writing jobs.